Volkswagen Academy: Future-proof training with 3D printing

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Let’s stroll through the Volkswagen Academy in Emden, Germany, where they’re giving automotive education a tech upgrade.

In the automotive industry, dedicated academies serve as essential training grounds where companies prepare their future employees for the various challenges of the industry. Each…

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Prusa Autumn News Summary 2023: New major firmware release with final Input Shaper, PrusaSlicer 2.7.0, MK3.5 update and more!


Update December 18th, 2023: We are updating the article with the info about two new minor releases of firmware v5.1.2 (complete release notes) and PrusaSlicer 2.7.1 (complete release notes). Please always make sure you are downloading the latest version of our…

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Update on Original Prusa XL Shipping, Input Shaper Alpha for the XL, PrusaSlicer 2.7, New G-code Format and More!

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It’s time for another update on the Original Prusa XL and there are many exciting things to share. We bumped up our production capacity substantially (and we’ll improve it even more in the upcoming weeks), so we can finally start processing…

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