Hi, my name is Jo Prusa and Prusa i3 (i3 stands for the third iteration of the design) is my most widely used design for 3D printers. There are countless variations of this design and it became a staple of 3D printing with hundreds of thousands units worldwide. According to 3DHubs i3 is the #1 3D printer on the planet. It’s open functional design allows for quick maintenance. You can build a simple one for couple hundred dollars or you can chip in more and get the state of the art 3D printer, it’s all up to you.

Under the brand Original Prusa, we began manufacturing and selling 3D printers to enthusiasts from all over the world, focusing mainly on accessibility and reliability while maintaining open-source foundations. At that time, it was a one-person startup. Today, Prusa Research is a company of over 800 people, and we ship over 10,000 Original Prusa printers to 165 countries directly from Prague every month. In addition, we also produce our own filaments and resins. Original Prusa 3D printers are used not only by makers and startups but also by major companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Volkswagen, Škoda Auto, and Lockheed Martin.

Our most successful 3D printer, the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+, has sold over 350,000 units worldwide and can be found on all continentsAccording to All3DP.com, it has been the best 3D printer for several years in a row. It also received the “Editor’s Choice” award in the 2019 Digital Fabrication Guide test in the American magazine MAKE, among many other accolades.


In March 2023, we introduced its successor – the Original Prusa MK4. It brings several significant innovations that make 3D printing truly accessible to everyone. The key feature is the new extruder, the Nextruder, which eliminates the need to calibrate the first layer – it will be perfect with every print thanks to the Load Cell sensor. You can also easily swap nozzles. The printer has brand new electronics, the Input Shaper feature for fast printing, and full support for remote management through Prusalink and Prusa Connect services. And it remains open-source – you can modify and improve it as needed or simply as you wish.

Don’t forget to check my Youtube channel, where I regularly post troubleshooting videos, user guides, and other interesting videos.


One of the most popular features of all Original Prusa 3D printers is upgradeability. You can buy a 3D printer and later upgrade it to a new version without having to buy an entirely new model every two years, like you might do with your mobile phone or laptop. 🙂

Upgrades are a great way not only to save money but also to learn about the printer’s hardware construction. A few years ago, there was the original Original Prusa i3 3mm, which could be upgraded to the Original Prusa i3 1.75 mm (MK1). From this printer, you could later upgrade to MK2/S and then to MK3/S+. Similarly, you can now also upgrade to MK4!

Ready for the Multi Material

Original Prusa Multi Material 3 brings a unique opportunity to print with up to 5 materials simultaneously. MMU3 is the successor to MMU2S.

The improved version comes with rewritten firmware, a modified filament buffer, and simplifies the calibration process. MMU3 is now more reliable and user-friendly. Thanks to the smart nozzle cleaning system, it also produces minimal plastic waste, making it more sustainable. It is compatible with both the Original Prusa MK3S+ and MK4!

With Multi Material upgrade you can easily use one of the materials as water-soluble supports. To be more efficient with expensive soluble filament you can also print water-soluble interface supports.


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