We are launching our fourth designer contest on PrusaPrinters.org. Last time we promised something else than practical models again. However, the current situation regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 and all the related restrictions compelled us to change the sequence of topics. We believe that the 3D printer can produce a lot of different things that are missing in the current situation or do not exist at all. Apparently, we are mostly going to remain indoors in the upcoming months and spend a lot of time with our kids and other family members. Again, this theme is very broad and open-ended. We hope that it will inspire everyone to come up with something interesting and share it with the rest of the community.

Sources of models: Pillbox, Snake Puzzle, Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe, Clothespin

Let’s use this opportunity to employ 3D modeling and printing for both entertainment and education. We offer the following topics, maybe you come up with something new, or finally bring to life an idea which you postponed for a long time. Stay creative and cabin fever won’t stand a chance!

  1. Everyday life necessities – The main goal is to design and print simple household things that might run out during quarantine or to save you from a potentially unsafe trip to the store (and risking infection). For example clothespins, pill organizers, handles, holders, door opening tools or tools for press buttons without the hand touches the surface, etc.
  2. Interactive toys – for example board games, puzzles, jigsaws, building block kits, etc.
  3. Educational items – for example, abacus, letters of the alphabet, various illustrative models, etc.

Please do not enter the contest with any protective wear against the coronavirus. Untested prints could do more harm than good and actually help spread the infection instead of fighting it. We will ignore such models during the contest evaluation. Please check a more thorough explanation in our article about protective wear.

Contest evaluation and prizes

In this extraordinary situation, we decided to throw in more prizes and also evaluate the contest in an unusual way, for little extra motivation. The contest is going to continue for total 30 days. However, during this period there will be three announcements of winners! One every 10 days. The topic stays the same for the whole contest duration. What does it mean for the participants? The sooner you apply with your model, the less competition and a better chance of winning. Once your model is in, it stays there for all the upcoming evaluations – therefore if you apply during the first 10 days, you have three shots at the main prize! In the first two rounds, we will only pick a winner, which will get an Original Prusa i3 MK3S kit, in the final round, there will be the same printer as the main prize again, but also 3 Prusament spools for the runner-up, 2 Prusament spools for the third place, and one spool for each of twenty other contestants!

Contest schedule

From To Date of evaluation Prizes
1st round March 18, 23:00 March 28, 23:59 March 31 Original Prusa i3 MK3S (kit)
2nd round March 29, 00:00 April 7, 23:59 April 9 Original Prusa i3 MK3S (kit)
3rd round April 8th, 00:00 April 17, 23:59 April 21 Original Prusa i3 MK3S (kit)
and 25 spools of Prusament

All times are in the UTC timezone


The best models will be selected by a jury consisting of Prusa Research employees. The main criteria are the quality of the model, printability (FFF or SLA technology), popularity (share the print to increase the popularity) and originality. Winners will be contacted via e-mail.

How to enter the contest?

Entering the contest is easy – follow the steps below:

  1. Design a 3D model or create a remix (based on somebody else’s design) that fits the contest theme. The model must be printable on an FFF or SLA 3D printer (any brand). This also means it’s not necessary to own a 3D printer – just keep in mind the limits of the technology.
  2. Upload the model to PrusaPrinters.org (the model has to be published during the contest duration). The upload must contain:
    • model uploaded as .3MF or .STL (.gcode is optional but useful)
    • photo or render of the model (or both in the ideal case)
    • model description
  1. Submit the model in the contest. The procedure is the same as adding a print into a collection. Open the model page and click the Collections icon. The first one will be the name of the contest – “Everyday Life Necessities”. Tick the box and you’re done. You can remove the print from this collection at any time.
  2. (Optional) Share the model online (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). Add #PrusaPrinters hashtag and increase the popularity of your model!

Terms and conditions

  • The contest runs according to the schedule above, from March 18th, 2020 till April 17th, 2020.
  • You can enter with as many unique models as you like to increase your chances to win.
  • You can create a brand new unique model, or create a remix (model based on someone else’s design) – however, the remix must not be in conflict with the original model’s license!
  • The model has to fit in the contest’s theme.
  • We reserve the right to terminate or change the terms of the competition at any time. In the event of a violation of the terms of the competition or attempted fraudulent conduct, the competitor will be excluded from the competition.
  • Don’t forget you can submit your models imported from Thingiverse!

We are looking forward to your models.

Happy designing!