Our community hub PrusaPrinters just received its biggest update this year! The userbase and the model library keep growing day by day, so now it’s the best time to introduce two new reward systems, one with actual physical rewards like free spools of Prusament and various Prusa merchandise, and the second with brand new badges awarded for achieving various goals.

Prusameters and physical rewards

Every user gets an empty virtual spool of Prusament, which is displayed in the top right corner next to your avatar. By performing various activities, you can fill up the spool with special points called Prusameters. You can start with one-time rewards, like completing your profile, which gets you 20 Prusameters – if you’ve already done it in the past, you’ll get 20 points automatically. Getting more points requires a bit more creativity, though.

We truly appreciate all the makers and designers who upload their projects to PrusaPrinters. There’s a massive number of awesome models available for download, which are already being promoted in our community contests, Weekly Prints videos, and Featured Prints section – and now we’re taking it to a new level with physical rewards. Here’s how it works: When you upload a new model, the system starts tracking its performance (downloads and likes) over a 30-day period. There are up to four milestones you can hit during this period. For each consecutive milestone, you’ll get a higher amount of Prusameters. Once the 30-day period ends, the internal counters are reset, but your Prusameters remain in your account. Let’s look at an example.

There are four milestones you can hit with your models repeatedly every 30 days:

  • 10 Prusameters for 30 downloads and 3 likes of your model
  • 50 Prusameters for 100 downloads and 10 likes of your model
  • 100 Prusameters for 200 downloads and 15 likes of your model
  • 200 Prusameters for 400 downloads and 20 likes of your model

Let’s say you upload a new model and it reaches 300 downloads and 30 likes during one of the 30-day periods. This grants you a total of 160 Prusameters: 10 points for the first milestone (30 downloads and 3 likes), 50 points for the second milestone and 100 points for the third one. At the end of the 30-day period, the internal counters for downloads and likes are reset. The total numbers displayed in the public print profile are left intact, of course, and 160 Prusameters remain on your account. A new 30-day period starts during which you can gain more Prusameters.

Your virtual spool will become visually full at 350 Prusameters, however, there’s no limit on how many Prusameters you can earn in total. The number we’ve picked is not accidental – 350 meters of filament is exactly what you can find on a real spool of Prusament. So, it only makes sense that 350 Prusameters is what you need to get a voucher for a 100% discount on a real spool of Prusament PLA, PETG or ASA!

Or you can pick other rewards from our list – shirts, snapbacks, hoodies… When you choose the reward you want, you’ll receive a voucher for our e-shop that will get you a 100% discount on the selected item.

There are more ways how to get Prusameters and you don’t have to be a model designer. Every month, you can upload up to 10 Makes (photos of 3D printed models) and receive Prusameters for them. You can also receive a one-time reward for creating up to 3 new non-empty Collections or for uploading up to 10 new prints (existing Collections and prints do not count).

Also, we decided to award you with Prusameters retrospectively for the previous completed 30-day period, so you probably have something on your virtual spool already. Consider it a little holiday gift from us. 😉 Don’t forget that the 30-day period starts with the date when you published the model. In other words: Prusameters are not awarded for the total number of downloads and likes your model has collected since it was published (e.g., a year ago).

This retrospective awarding of points applies only to two areas: having a completed profile and for achieving download/like milestones as described above. So, for example, if you have created several Collections in the past, you will not receive any Prusameters for them – you need to create new ones.

User badges

We were also looking for a fun way to show how far you’ve come as a maker and creator. Something you could be proud of, something that would make you instantly recognizable as an active member of our community – no matter whether you love to design or print awesome models. We’re launching a new system of user levels and badges! It’s something completely different and not related to Prusameters.

The entire system is pretty easy to understand – you can collect badges for various activities and the number of badges you collected is directly reflected in your user level, which is displayed as a small number under your avatar.

Badges and related activities are spread across a wide spectrum of various areas. So don’t worry if you’re not a professional model designer, you can gain badges for all sorts of other useful activities. For example, you can level up your Maker badge by uploading photos of the models you downloaded and printed. This is a great way to help other community members because by uploading a photo of the print, you confirm that the model is, in fact, printable. Along with the photo, you can also share valuable information and tips on how to print the model to achieve the best results.

And there are even certain unique badges that cannot be received by meeting any measurable numbers. For instance, our team can pick outstanding designers from time to time and award them with the Approved Designer badge. Or you can receive the Prusa Live Guest badge for joining us as a guest in our live stream. And to add a bit more fun into the mix, there are some hidden unlockables – such as the possibility to get a downloadable 3D model of your badge. How to get it? You’ll need to figure it out yourself, we are not going to spoil the surprise. 😉 Unlike Prusameters, badges are calculated fully retrospectively – if you’ve met badge requirements at any point of the existence of your profile (e.g., if you won one of the first three prizes in our Designer contests), you’ll get the badge automatically.

You can click a badge to learn more about it and to see how many other users received it already. Some badges have just one level, while others can be progressed. And you can pick 3 badges you’re most proud of and display them on the left side of your profile page right under your avatar.

Also, whenever you receive a new badge, you’ll get an e-mail notification – this functionality is enabled by default, but you can easily disable notifications in your profile.

We’ve based both systems (badges and Prusameters) on the current usage statistics of PrusaPrinters, so it’s possible that if things change significantly, we will adjust and balance the way how the rewards work, or add new ones for higher levels – we want them to be a bit of a challenge to receive. The goal is to make the system fun and balanced for you and also sustainable for us in the long term.

Have fun with PrusaPrinters!

We hope that these new additions will make using PrusaPrinters even more enjoyable. 🙂 After all, 3D printing is an awesome and entertaining hobby (and often much more than that), so it makes sense for us to turn our community hub into something more than a mere library of 3D models.

We’ve been testing these new systems internally for quite some time and really enjoyed the new possibilities. However, we’re listening to your comments and general feedback, so do let us know if there are any questions, ideas or suggestions!

Happy printing!