Are you interested in the professional use of 3D printing? If you thought a Prusa 3D printer is only good for toys and fun stuff, think again. While we have a huge hobby community, there are many professional users as well – for obvious reasons, they are just less active on social media than the hobbyists.

A broad spectrum of companies worldwide use 3D printing for research, development, prototyping, maintenance, design process, and small series manufacturing. Neither company size nor industry sector seems to be a factor, these are both garage businesses, medium-sized companies, and large industries.

Our printers are also popular with a broad range of professions, for example, doctors, scientists, artists, or filmmakers. We showcase the most interesting examples in our regular videos and articles called Prusa Stories – a list is available on this website.

This list is going to grow, as we have several new stories already in the pipeline. A little bit of everything, again – from tattoo artists through movie animatronics to another huge automotive company. Stay tuned!

Right now, we are releasing a new story about Asana Dental, a Czech startup printing dental equipment on our Original Prusa SL1 printer. So far we’ve been only focusing on FDM printers, this is finally our first (and definitely not the last) story involving SLA technology as well.


If you somehow missed any of our older stories, check them out. Each story includes both a Youtube video and a short write-up on our website. Here are a few examples:

University Hospital Olomouc, using custom 3D printed “phantoms” for calibration and tuning of their radiation-based imaging machines, offering better qualities than the regular commercially available alternatives.


Joshua Lee, an animatronic expert credited with  Star Wars and other blockbuster movies, explains how 3D printing is helping him to cope with tight deadlines and last-minute changes.


And some heavy-duty work for a metallurgy division of TATRA, a legendary Czech automotive producer. Models and core boxes, which are used to create the casting mold itself, are modified with various 3D printed parts.


If you also use Original Prusa printers at work and would you like to tell your story, please let us know!

The way you utilize 3D printing doesn’t have to be that spectacular or original. What’s actually interesting about many of these stories is that they are about simple things. Actually simpler than what we usually like to do in our hobby projects! 🙂 Everyday stuff, tools, and spare parts, from regular materials like PLA and PET-G. The trick is often in the greater picture, when all this adds up and saves so much time and money.

Well, enjoy the stories, and no matter what you use your own printer for – happy printing!