The submissions have been reviewed, and it’s finally time to announce the winners of our Original Prusa Enclosure Modifications contest! We’ve received a variety of innovative entries from our community, each bringing something unique to the table. From practical door upgrades and secure locks to efficient dry boxes and handy tool holders, the range of modifications showcased the creativity of all the makers.

A big thank you to everyone who participated! Creating a useful and well-designed modification requires thought, effort, and a deep understanding of user needs, and we appreciate the hard work that went into each entry.

Now, let’s move on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for and spotlight the winners who have excelled in improving the functionality and usability of our modular enclosure. We hope these modifications will spark even more creative ideas in the future.

First Place

Automated Heating System for Original Enclosure by Lars

Lars has taken the Original Prusa Enclosure to the next level with a fully automated heating and ventilation system! Designed to quickly achieve optimal printing temperatures for various materials, this system is a game-changer, especially during those colder months when reaching higher temperatures becomes a challenge. Offering two operating modes, heating and cooling, this system adds versatility to the enclosure setup, and its intuitive display unit makes adjusting and monitoring temperatures just easy. While there’s a bit of a shopping list for electronics and other components, once you’ve gathered everything, Lars’ step-by-step instructions should make the assembly a piece of cake. Please note, that just like Lars explains, this addon is not supposed to heat the enclosure to temperatures any higher than it normally would during the summer. It’s more about achieving those temperatures faster and in colder ambient temperatures.

We really love this project, and we’re sending a brand new Original Prusa MK4 kit Lars’ way!

Second Place

Interior Storage Shelf for Original Prusa Enclosure by Kevin Barker

Photo and print by Hermann Schoeberl

Photo and print by Hermann Schoeberl

Kevin Barker’s Interior Storage Shelf is a masterclass in optimizing space! Noticing the unused space inside the Original Prusa Enclosure, Kevin designed a shelf that not only provides ample storage but also showcases a signature hexagon design. Whether you’re storing up to four spools of filament or boxes of parts, this shelf has you covered. With the added support braces, the shelf is designed to stand firm, even when bearing up to 4kg, as stated by the author.

Kevin, your original way of maximizing storage has secured you the second spot, and 1050 Prusameters are now on their way to your Printables account!

Third Place

Hinged lid with gas spring for Original Prusa Enclosure by MW

Innovation is often a work in progress, and MW’s Hinged Lid with Gas Spring is a testament to that spirit! This extension improves the Original Prusa Enclosure by automating the lid’s opening with a gas spring. Just press on the handle, and the lid rises effortlessly, making top access even more convenient. While MW acknowledges that this project is in its alpha phase, the potential is undeniable. The use of gas springs, commonly found in kitchen cabinets, is a clever touch. And while there are challenges to address, the foundation is solid. We’re excited about the promise this design holds. It’s clear that with a bit more refinement, it could become a nifty feature for many users. We’re eager to see where the author takes this design next, and we’re sure the community will be right there, offering suggestions and cheering it on!

MW, your innovative approach has landed you in the third spot and well deserved 700 Prusameters are now being added to your Printables account!

Honorable mention

(Un)original Prusa Drybox by Bram Elema

Photo and print by Radek Janeček

Photo and print by Radek Janeček

While the (Un)original Prusa Drybox by Bram Elema isn’t strictly an Original Prusa Enclosure modification according to contest conditions, its standalone functionality and great design can’t be overlooked. It’s a well-crafted model with a snug fit, cool style, and detailed assembly instructions – something we always appreciate! Also, the community has clearly shown its appreciation, as seen by the impressive number of likes and downloads. Though other entries might have aligned more directly with the contest’s criteria, Bram Elema’s creation has left a lasting impression. In recognition of its success and the hard work behind it, we’ve decided to award it a special prize!

Bram Elema, we’re sending 2100 Prusameters your way, which is equivalent to six spools of Prusament that your Drybox can accommodate. Congratulations on your outstanding contribution!

Community’s Picks

To honor the dedication of those who didn’t secure the top spots, we are acknowledging the top five designers (excluding the top prize winners) with the highest number of makes from the community.

Each has been awarded 350 Prusameters!

Multicolor Mesh Side Boxes


Original Prusa Spool Holder


xRivets for Prusa Enclosure


Prusa Enclosure covers


Original Prusa Enclosure – Slider Lock Latch


Thanks to all participants of our contest and see you next round!