We managed to make another progress in our colorprint! We have placed the interface for adding changes to gcode on our websites. So now you can modify your gcode online! No additional program is needed.

In this video Dave shows how to prepare gcode for multiple color printing.

Never heard about ability of multiple-color printing? Check our previous post.


How to do it:

The way how to modify your gcode stayed simple:

  • First of all you need to prepare regular slicer d
    gcode with common print and filament settings.
    Save the file.



  • Then go to out websites and chooseHeader
    Color Print in the header menu.



  • Drag the gcode to frame and click on Add change button.pretazeni





  • Find the height of the layer, where you want toheigh
    make the color change. This can be easily found in
    Slic3r under tab “Layers.” The scale along right side
    displays the height of idividual layers. Set this number to the box.
    Number of these changes is unlimited.
  • When you are done with your modification,
    download the file. This file is ready to be printed!


Insert the filament which you want to start with into your printer and start printing the file. When the printer is triggered from the gcode it will act like this:

  • Stop moving and retract
  • Raise the Z by 2 mm and move quickly outside the printbed
  • Unload the current filament
  • LCD panel will ask you to insert the new filament and confirm when it’s done
  • After the initial loading of the filament you will get three options on the LCD 1) Everything is correct and printing may continue 2) Filament didn’t load, try again 3) Extrude a bit more if the color is still tinted by the previous one
  • After confirming, printer returns to the original position and continues to print.



You should always use the same material or combine materials with similar print temperatures and settings.