Over the past month, we have been combining 3D printing with the science of making work more efficient and comfortable, and now it’s time to announce the winners of our Ergonomic Workshop Aids contest!

Throughout the contest, we received many interesting submissions! While we value the community´s enthusiasm and the effort of every single maker, it’s fair to say that the strict rules led us to make some challenging decisions about removing entries that did not fully meet the criteria. However, this careful selection was crucial to uphold the competition’s integrity and focus.

Despite facing some difficulties along the way, we’re happy to announce that, in cooperation with the Czech Ergonomic Association, we have discovered some real gems that are sure to enhance your workspace!

Thank you all for participating!

First place

Open Ball V1 (Ball vise system)

The first-place winner of our Ergonomic Workshop Aids contest is Chris Borge with his design, Open Ball V1. This model is an easy-to-make ball vise system with (almost) infinite uses. This Swiss Army knife for workshops and DIY projects is a compact, portable, and customizable tool that perfectly aligns with the objectives of our contest and can be easily employed in any workshop. Its versatility is also reflected in its popularity among the community, and we can’t do anything but offer congratulations to Chris Borge for his outstanding contribution!

Brand new Original Prusa MK4 Kit! is heading your way, Chris!

Second place

Stackable Expandable Rotating Moveable Storage Arm

Taking the silver medal is the Modular Rotating Storage Arm, designed by PashionFruit. This practical system provides a flexible solution for organizing and accessing tools and materials in the workshop. Its modular design allows for customizable configurations, while the rotating mechanism ensures easy access to specific components. Congratulations to PashionFruit for making workshop life easier – 1050 Prusameters are credited to your Printables account!

Third place

Workshop Bridge

Claiming the third spot is the Workshop Bridge Hand Rest, crafted by PlantagoLabs. This handy hand rest provides much-needed support for prolonged static work, especially for activities like painting pictures. Its ergonomic design offers a solution for relieving the hand during extended periods of delicate tasks. Congratulations to PlantagoLabs; 700 Prusameters are landing on your Printables account!

Honorary mention

Ergonomic Armrest with Tool Holder

And special recognition goes to the Ergonomic Armrest with Tool Holder created by Filip Safran. Among all the entries, this model stands out as one of the few fully functional armrests for delicate work operations, similar to those used by jewelers, watchmakers, and the like. Like the Bridge Hand Rest, its ergonomic benefit lies in relieving the hand during prolonged static tasks.

The jury has decided to award this model an honorary mention and reward Filip Safran with 350 Prusameters!

Community’s Picks

To honor the dedication of those who didn’t secure the top spots, we are acknowledging the top five designers (excluding the top prize winners) with the highest number of makes from the community.

Each has been awarded 350 Prusameters!

Heat Insert Press


Flexible Hose for Dust Extraction


Multi-axis vice with
interchangeable attachments


Cable Clamps for Adjustable
PCB Holder Tool (Remix)


The RIG (R1.1) — DIY helper stand
for testing electronic components

(photo by Big Sid)