We have prepared another Original Prusa XL Update for you and this time it’s a video. I sat down in our studio to talk about the current state of the XL, the results from beta testing, but also about hardware changes and the shipping schedule.

One of the most important parts of the video is the last bit where I talk about the shipping. I think it makes sense to write it down here, too, to explain how the current preorders will be switched to regular orders.

If you have preordered (reserved) the XL, we will send you an email when your reservation is ready to be turned into the final order. At this point, you will be able to edit the shipping address, add more items to your order and select the shipping method. You can’t increase the number of XLs, but you can decrease it if you want. One important thing to keep in mind: There is no deadline for converting your reservation (preorder) into an order right now. What’s decisive is the date of the reservation, not the payment. So as soon as you pay for the order, you will jump into the right place in the queue.

If you want to upgrade your reservation for a single tool XL into one with multiple toolheads, please DO NOT finish your preorder until we start shipping the multi-tool XLs.

Once we start shipping multi-tool printers, you will be able to adjust the configuration of the XL: the number of toolheads, whether you want it semi-assembled or fully assembled etc. In other words: if you preordered the single tool version and you want the multi tool XL, wait a little bit, don’t finish the order and keep it in preorder status – when we will start sending multi-tool, you can change the printer configuration, edit the address, add items to your order and pay the order.