We’re launching Black Friday deals in our e-shop – and it’s more than just free shipping this year! Also, I have some important news about the Original Prusa MINI 3D printer, which will start shipping in just a few days!


Black Friday deals are here

Last year, our Black Friday deals were all about free shipping and we decided to step up our game in 2019. Free shipping is back and we’re adding discounts on filaments and bundle deals. The offer ends at midnight on December 2nd (PST) / December 3rd at 8:00 (GMT). Here’s the entire list:

Free shipping

  • on all orders above 200 USD / 200 EUR, excluding items that are currently on backorder or pre-order (like Original Prusa MINI)


Please note that owners of Original Prusa i3 printers have a discount on selected items by default – this discount is already included in the numbers above. If you are an Original Prusa i3 owner you have to log-in on our e-shop – after that, you will see not only Spare parts section but also bigger discounts.

Bundle deals

If you order more than one printer, you will get the corresponding number of free gifts. Together with the free shipping, which is enabled for all printers, it’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it? 😉

Original Prusa MINI starts shipping soon!

Let’s start with the good news: Original Prusa MINI hardware is completely finalized at this point, and the manufacturing is in full swing. There’s already a good amount of boxes on the shelves of our warehouse and we’re getting ready to ship them to customers.

Now for the slightly-less-good news: we announced that the MINI will start shipping by the end of November. However, we still have some things to fix in the firmware. Beta testing is still underway and we’re getting rid of last-minute bugs. We expect to have a nice stable firmware build early next week. And since the MINIs are already being manufactured and packed, the only thing left to do is to add a USB drive with the firmware into the box. We need just a few more days to wrap it all up.

We estimate the first batch of MINIs should start shipping on December 9th. The first batch is actually several hundred printers, not just a couple of units, so we won’t be able to send them within one day, of course. We aim to ship orders made during the first 24 hours after the announcement before the winter holidays. As always, we’ll update the shipping table once we have exact dates.

Please keep in mind that the current information on the product page regarding shipping is for new orders.

And one more thing – we enabled gift vouchers for the MINI. If you bought the MINI as a gift for someone else, and the package won’t arrive in time, you can download a holiday-themed PDF card and print it.

More info soon!

And this is all for now. We will definitely keep you updated regarding the MINI and its shipping schedule. In the meantime, take advantage of the Black Friday deals and get some cool filaments or the textured powder-coated steel sheet (read all about our sheets here). And you still have time to enter our holiday-themed contest at PrusaPrinters and win the Original Prusa i3 MK3S! Hurry up, though! 🙂