Like every year, we’re ready to join the worldwide Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze. We’ve got discounts on selected filaments and accessories, discounted offers on 3D printer bundles, free shipping on 200+ USD/EUR orders, and more! And we worked extra hard to get the MK3S+ and MINI+ machines in stock so that we can ship them immediately – no leadtimes (at least for a little while). The best moment to get your 3D printer before the winter holidays is now. 🙂

This promo ends on November 28th at 11:59 p.m. PST (or November 29th at 7:59 a.m. GMT).

Free shipping worldwide

This is our annual classic and I’m sure many of you have been waiting for it since summer ;). Free shipping worldwide is applied on all orders exceeding 200 USD or equivalent in other currencies, except for orders containing the Original Prusa MINI+ and pre-orders. Adding a MINI+ (either a kit or a semi-assembled one) or a pre-order item to your cart will disable the free shipping option.

However, this year, we would like to offer you an option how to get also MINI+ with free shipping. So we have prepared a special bundle of semi-assembled MINI+ with five of our best-selling Prusament PLA colors – Azure Blue, Jet Black, Prusa Galaxy Black, Prusa Galaxy Silver and Vanilla White. You can find the bundle on the MINI+ product page. Please note that it’s not possible to alter the selection of filaments bundled with the printer.

And one more thing – free shipping is limited by the cap of 5000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). Keep in mind that our Black Friday Deals are intended for consumers, not resellers, and we reserve the right to cancel excessive orders. Black Friday offers are also only available for direct purchases made on the e-shop during the promotion time. They need to be fully placed by the customer on the e-shop and placed directly during the promotion time while the promotion is running. They cannot be subject to price quotes, purchase orders, and similar.

Extra gifts with MK3S+

As usual, we have also prepared a special deal featuring the MK3S+ and a bundle of cool stuff worth 160 USD to kickstart your 3D printing adventure. With the free shipping option, you can save up to another 20-70 USD depending on your location.

When you get an MK3S+ (kit or assembled version), you’ll also receive the following items for free:

  • One extra spool of PETG Prusa Orange (as an addition to the 1kg spool that is bundled with the printer by default)
  • One extra Double-sided Textured PEI Powder-coated Spring Steel Sheet
  • Free Prusa Academy course Design Principles for 3D Printed Parts by Joe Casha (you will receive access to the course by email during Cyber Monday week)
  • Two awesome, professionally-designed 3D models for you to print, plus a Fab365 store credit – you will receive instructions on how to get these models by email during Cyber Monday week. This includes:

By the way, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out an interesting thing about MK3S+, even though it is not directly related to Black Friday. In addition to the big new firmware release that will be out soon, we have also prepared a document that many of you have been asking for: the MK3S+ Product Passport. The document is a part of our sustainability efforts and it shows the origin of materials and parts by country, as well as the carbon footprint of the printer, info about maintenance, repairability, upgrades, and much more.

To give you a better idea: the carbon footprint of one of our 3D printers can be roughly compared to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by driving about 500 km in a car or watching 1,820 hours of Netflix.

Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ Enclosure Bundle

This high-tech bundle is for everybody who wants to have their MK3S+ in a sturdy, well-made enclosure that can be expanded with a number of useful add-ons. Create a controlled stable environment for your machine, print advanced materials and further reduce the noise and odors coming from the printer.

You can save up to 10 % (assembly kit) or up to 15 % (assembled 3D printer) when you purchase this bundle. With the free shipping option, you can save up to another 40-120 USD depending on your location.

The Enclosure Bundle contains:

  • Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ (assembly kit or fully assembled printer)
  • Original Prusa Enclosure
  • Prusa Academy course Design Principles for 3D Printed Parts by Joe Casha
  • Two awesome, professionally-designed 3D models for you to print, plus Fab365 store credit – you will receive instructions on how to get these models by email during Cyber Monday week. This includes:
  • Free worldwide shipping

This bundle cannot be combined with the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ Black Friday deal described above. If you want to add Enclosure add-ons to your order, simply place this bundle in your cart. Then, you will be able to view the store section with Enclosure add-ons. Keep in mind that some add-ons can affect lead time.

Extra gifts with SL1S SPEED

During our Black Friday 2022 deals, you can get our blazing-fast SLA 3D printer with a free pack of high-quality Prusament Resins and save up to 345 USD on a bundle with the Curing and Washing Station CW1S.

With the stand-alone Original Prusa SL1S SPEED 3D printer, you can get 3 more 1kg bottles of Prusament Resin (along with a 0,5 kg bottle bundled by default). The package contains BioBased60 Natural Yellow, Tough Anthracite Grey and Tough Transparent Green.

With the Original Prusa SL1S SPEED + CW1S bundle, you will get even more – Along with one 1 kg and one 0,5 kg bottle of resin bundled by default, we are adding 5 more bottles of Prusament Resin:

  • BioBased60 Herbal Green
  • Tough Rich Black
  • Tough Transparent Amber
  • Tough Terra Brown
  • Tough Transparent Red

Please note it’s not possible to alter the selection of the resins bundled with the printer. Free worldwide shipping is included.

Discounts on accessories and selected materials

We prepared plenty of discounts on various items in our shop, so dig right in!

Particularly interesting are the following deals:

Extra Prusameters at and Dark mode

And we’re also running a special event at If you haven’t finished setting up your profile (or you haven’t even joined yet), you can do it now and get 100 Prusameters instead of 20. Simply set up your avatar, bio, location and language preferences and you can be well on your way towards a free spool of Prusament or various pieces of cool merchandise.

And since it’s Black Friday, we figured this would be the perfect timing to release the heavily requested Dark mode! 😉 Once we push the update to Printables, you’ll be able to switch between the dark mode and the light mode using the menu in the top right corner. Your preferred mode is stored only locally. So you can have, for example, the desktop version in the light mode, but use the dark mode on your mobile device.

Happy printing!



Q: Will my printer or upgrade be delivered this year?
A: All our products have their up-to-date lead time and stock availability information displayed next to the price. The estimated delivery time is displayed in your shopping cart. If you want to learn more about shipping information, head over to our Knowledge base.

Q: Can I get a different type or color of free stuff bundled with the printer?
A: Free gifts from the promotion are automatically assigned to orders and cannot be changed.

Q: I have an unshipped order, can I combine it with a new one to receive free shipping?
A: No, the free shipping option only applies to orders placed during the Black Friday promotion and updates or combinations with other orders are not possible.

Q: Can I pay extra (the difference) for a faster shipping option?
A: No, the free shipping option is listed and if you select a different one that is not part of the promotion, a shipping charge will be billed in a standard way.

Q: What is the maximum price of an order I can make to still have free shipping?
A: Free shipping is available for orders up to 5000 USD (or the equivalent in other currencies).