February may still have been chilly, but it’s finally time to warm things up with the results of our 2023 Holiday Decorations Contest. Exploring all the 2608 entries (which is an impressive number!), we saw everything from traditional ornaments to unique tree beautifiers, gnomes, deer, and a variety of figures bringing the festive spirit to life. There were smart solutions for hanging and displaying holiday cheer, decor that doubles as practical holiday essentials, and cutting-edge designs of festive decor. 

December was a month when our community of makers brought their holiday best. Now, as the time has come to announce the winners, we want to thank everyone who shared a bit of their holiday sparkle with us. Get ready, it’s time to unveil the names of those who grabbed the top spots of the 2023 holiday season! 

First place

Gingerbread village by 9percent

The classic holiday treat comes to life with the first-place winner of our contest:
the Gingerbread Village by the author, 9percent. This sweet little easy-to-assemble setup consists of four individual kits: a tree, a sleigh, and two picturesque houses. The gingerbread pieces are so realistic that you can almost catch the scent of gingerbread spices and honey! The designer has gone the extra mile, offering detailed pictures of parts breakdown and a whole 133 files to ensure a perfect fit for everyone’s printer and used material. It’s a timeless, cozy village scene that looks amazing with lights inside or just sitting prettily by your window. A simple, charming decoration that we just fell in love with.

Congratulations, 9percent, a brand new Original Prusa MK4 kit is yours!

Second place

Xmas-Tree Fairy-House by Allpa

Allpa’s Xmas-Tree Fairy-House is our second-place winner. Perfect for any fairy in need of a holiday house! It accommodates an LED tea light, casting a glow through its windows for a festive atmosphere. Key features of this model include its ease of printability without the need for MMU or supports, and compatibility with LED tea lights up to 42 mm in diameter, ensuring a snug fit for a wide range of lights. The fuzzy skin effect for a snow-like base is a nice touch, and detailed assembly instructions are something we always appreciate. Inspired by PA1-MAKER, it fits beautifully within a larger Christmas village scene.

This charming addition to our Christmas village category earned Allpa 1050 Prusameters!

Third place

Openwork Christmas Bauble by frmdbl

Moving on to the third-place winner, we have the Openwork Christmas Bauble crafted by frmdbl. This model brings a unique touch to any Christmas tree. Its design can complement traditional Christmas ornaments really nicely, adding a special flair to holiday decor. The bauble requires no supports, and the model includes a stable base, which ensures it sits upright on the bed during printing. The possibility of using a metal hanger takes the look of the bauble to another level, while the option to print the hanger makes it accessible to all.

The community’s positive feedback, displayed through various makes in different colors, shows the ornament’s potential, and we are more than happy to award frmdbl 700 Prusameters!

Community’s Picks

To honor the dedication of those who didn’t secure the top spots, we are acknowledging the top five designers (excluding the top prize winners) with the highest number of makes from the community.

Each has been awarded 350 Prusameters!

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