Every time I am at an event and meet you, the most wonderful community, I hear stories of how many friends, neighbors, classmates, or colleagues got a Prusa printer based on your recommendation. Since the very beginning, word of mouth was the biggest part of our growth. But what always bugged me is, that I never had a better way to thank you for this other than just saying “Thank you”. 🙂 Now as we grow (getting close to 1000 people on the team) and constantly add new things to our portfolio, I think we finally have the opportunity to do more than just say thank you. So let’s take a look at the new Prusa to Prusa Community Reward Program – P2P program!

How it works

On Printables.com, we reward creators of popular models, makers who upload pictures of prints (those are extremely helpful for others thinking about printing that model), designer contest winners, and more – all of this with Prusameters. Virtual Prusament meters, which users can exchange for free spools of filament, merchandise, Prusa Academy courses, or even entire 3D printers for free. It’s also worth mentioning that users can donate Prusameters for education. During the last year, we had a record-breaking 84, 800 Prusameters donated this way!

We’re excited to expand this program. In the P2P program, if you own an Original Prusa 3D printer, your Printables handle (e.g. @JosefPrusa) doubles as a referral code. When your friends or colleagues buy, for example, a MK4 using your code, not only will they get a kick start with 100 Prusameters, but you’ll also gain 350 Prusameters — enough for a free spool of filament. You can even create a link that automatically applies your handle in the discount code field. If you bought a Prusa printer in the past, you can use the same account to log-in to Printables. You can find your handle on your profile page under your full display name. To join the P2P program, visit the Prusameter Reward page and click on Get referral code. That’s it! It’s significantly simpler compared to affiliate programs, which can be quite cumbersome, require contracts to be signed, and are generally more worth the time investment for people with dedicated YouTube channels, 3D printing websites, etc.

The Prusameter rewards in the P2P program are as follows:

  • MINI+, 175 Prusameters for the referrer, 75 Prusameters for the new printer owner
  • MK4, 350 Prusameters for the referrer, 100 Prusameters for the new printer owner
  • XL, 700 Prusameters for the referrer, 200 Prusameters for the new printer owner
  • SL1S, 350 Prusameters for the referrer, 100 Prusameters for the new printer owner

Simple rules

We want to encourage genuine endorsements from happy MK4 (and MK2/MK3), XL, MINI+, and SL1S owners. So when the discount code field includes someone’s handle, we check that the account has a Prusa printer purchase in their account history. I think this is absolutely key aspect for the endorsement to keep it’s high value.

Similarly, the handle as a discount code only works on the first purchase of the specific printer model on that account. Once you own it, you naturally have first hand experience with the printer. So using someone else’s handle as a discount code for subsequent orders of the same printer will not add Prusameters to your or their account.

Prusameters from referrals will initially be pending, becoming available about 60 days post-delivery, accommodating any order adjustments or canceled orders. You can check the status of your reward in a new tab on your Prusameter overview screen. Check the P2P Program page in our Help for more information.

New rewards – discounts for our printers!

One of the most frequent feedback on the Prusa reward system is to be able to exchange them for a discount on printer orders. As both the MK4 and XL had quite long wait times, we were not in favor of this change in the past. But thanks to our massively expanded production, we’ve been catching up with the queue over the past few months. The MK4 is now in stock! And the XL lead time is down to about 7 weeks and keeps getting shorter. So we’re going to give this a try! You can exchange Prusameters for $40, $100, $200 and $400 vouchers for your purchase of the Original Prusa MK4, XL, MINI+ and SL1S. The voucher works on both kit and assembled variants.

We’ll be looking out for your feedback on the new P2P program and as always, happy printing!