So after a year with almost no presence online I am back. It’s been a tough year, but everything is better than ever now! I finally got myself around to finish this site. Well, finished … This is only the beginning! And thats what I am going to write about today.

The new Prusa Printers should be a community hub for people with Prusa 3D printers and other RepRappers full of resources and interesting information. Obviously building that resource base will take time. A lot of time.

My main motivation was the fact how RepRap forums and Wikis are scattered and unorganized. Newcomers get lost or scared and instead of building/buying wonderful open source 3D printer, they buy some shitty “totally not rip-off RepRap” box :-/

“Josef Prusa’s Calculator” got a graphical redesign and some old bugs were fixed! Some new features are coming soon. And I will probably make a tool based on the calculator which will let you configure your firmware, any ideas what it should have? Calculator is here.

I decided I want to feature users with outstanding skills. First one I interviewed is Rick Nidata, who printed awesome cargo ship model. So please brag about your prints! Either in forums or use contact form.

Interviews are also important part. They can be very inspiring and informative. Right now I have some video interviews and I will be slowly publishing them here. You can check then in Interviews category.

Guides will hopefully grow the most. First one I published here so far is how to join 3DHubs, wonderful platform for connecting people who want something printed with real operators. I like the idea of their service and wanted to give it a try, so I made a guide in the process. I would love others to publish guides too.

So the foundations are built. I will be grateful for any feedback as this is evolving project and I want to make it the best. If you would like to get more involved you can. Thanks to support of my company I can even offer a compensation ($$$ or filament) for the articles/guides/interviews and your hobby can support you that way 😉