More than 55.000 protective face shields 3D printed in less than three weeks by our factory alone! Take a look at the gallery of Czech first responders using our shields (on the Czech version of our website only, but this is mostly about photos so I hope you don’t mind). And we have some tips for you about how you can help too. What started as our local initiative to print protective face shields has turned into a massive endeavor driven by 3D printing communities worldwide. Tens of thousands of people began to print protective face shields using the design we have made available, helping hundreds of thousands of frontline staff – doctors, firefighters, police officers, social workers and many other brave people who risk their lives every day in these difficult times. Our design files at reached over 250.000 downloads and maker communities became a trending topic in media across the world.

It’s an incredible collaborative effort that goes far beyond anything that 3D printing communities have ever accomplished. This is not just about printing a lot of parts, it’s about management, planning, cooperation, collection, and distribution. Far more than one could imagine. There’s so much good work being done and we’re incredibly proud of the entire 3D printing community. The complexity of the situation and the importance of 3D printing of PPE is perfectly summarized by our friend Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day – definitely worth the watch!

We’re doing our best to help where we can. Our in-house production of protective shields in the Czech Republic has been running for two weeks straight and we managed to donate 55.000 shields to doctors and many other professionals in need. And since we’re aware of the challenges that many of you must overcome, we decided to summarize our findings and other important information at – this also includes vital information about disinfection. We asked leading Czech hospitals and laboratories to test various disinfecting methods, so we could share reliable and conclusive data. At, there’s also a dedicated community section highlighting some of the groups that joined the cause. If you wish to be listed there, please let us know.

So, once again: thank you, everyone, who joined the cause. Please, stay strong and stay safe. We can get through this together and I hope I will be able to write the next big update in somewhat happier times.

PS: Just when I’m finishing this short update, Linus Tech Tips has also released a video about printing protective face shields. Wow! I’m so glad we can work with such great people on this good thing. Thank you!